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Who We Are

Located in Toronto, iPurle is Canada’s Independent Eyewear Brand. iPurle stands for “Eye Personalize Your Lifestyle” and it is a source for the latest eyewear fashion.

The story began in 2018 when an Optician & Optometrist realized there is still a desire for genuinely caring eye health professionals who would put kindness before revenues.  Their commitment to provide trendy and unique eyewear that not only fit your personal style, but are affordable & high-quality, is why iPurle was born. 

Our mission is to make sure you wear your glasses comfortably and confidently, with the help of our eyewear team. IPURLE provides you with professional eyewear and eyecare knowledge during your visit and gives you a One-Stop Shop for Eyewear & Eyecare service with our Optometry partner just around the corner. We are committed to taking care of you throughout the entire journey, long after your purchase. The More you Know, The More you See.

To top it off, only the best, most durable materials are used, ensuring their unique eyewear pass the test of time while keeping up with your daily activities.  

In everything they do, and with the new products they release, iPurle’s top priority is to make sure you find the perfect pair of glasses that boosts your confidence and sets you far apart from the rest.


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